About the App

ATTN: The Bookup App has been sunsetted as of March 2020.

The Bookup App was an iOS app for readers of print books who wanted to swap their books for other books in their area, free of charge, and potentially make a new friend with a shared interest in reading. Bookup provided location-based book swapping functionality.

If you don't reread your books often, then they just end up gathering dust on a bookshelf. Why not give these books of yours a new life by "hooking them up" with a new owner in your geographic area?

App Features

Location-based Icon

Location-based book swapping

Find the books in your geographic area that are available to be swapped right now.

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Personal libraries

Add books to your personal library, and browse books available for swapping in others' personal libraries.

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Chat in real-time with other book lovers and arrange meetings to swap books, potentially making new friends in the process.